Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Commercials, post-game

Well, now, this is interesting.

Before the game, when everyone else was excited about the hype, my expectations for this year's Super Bowl commercials were pretty low.

But then, as the game, and the commercials, progressed, while others began to be underwhelmed, I found that there were some pretty good ones this year.

The Clydesdales I've mentioned already, but I also liked Hulu's commercial. Alec Baldwin as a space alien trying to rot your brain was wonderfully funny and refreshing.

I was surprised that the GI Joe movie actually looked like fun, too. Part of this is because The Doctor, er, Christopher Eccleston, is going to be in the movie (you never forget your first Doctor, they say).

Yes, of course there were some busts. I despise talking baby commercials. They give me the creeps and I don't think they're funny. The GoDaddy commercials were all tease and no substance. And most commercials featuring animals were not very funny.

It also seemed to be that the best commercials, IMHO, were at the start of the game, and the commercials were not quite as good as the game progressed.

But overall, much happier with the 2009 commercials compared with the commercials from last year. Were they all that better? I don't really know. But I do know that the lower I keep my expectations and the less hype I buy into, the more I will enjoy the process.

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