Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Candidate's New Clothes

I have this fantasy, when I win the lottery, that I'll go on a shopping spree with my style savvy little sister and get myself a whole new wardrobe.

I've seen the prices in the fashion magazines, but I figure, with a bit of thrift, I can probably get all the clothes I'd ever need for $10,000. That'd get me 50 outfits at $200 per outfit, or 20 outfits at $500 per outfit.

So how the hell does Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin spend $150,000 on clothes!

This is literally as much as my mortgage.

Hell, even Warren Buffet's daughter spent only $50,000 on her wardrobe upgrade after making a deal with her dad and losing a lot of weight.

It's irresponsible, it's unconsionable and its hypocritical.


Anonymous said...

If you have the money for it, why not? It is NOT the tax payer's money that she is spending.

I'm sure you have your bad habits (drink, smoke, etc), but nobody cares... That is because is nobody's money you are spending.

The musishian said...

Thanks for the comment.

It's not taxpayer's money, that's correct. It's GOP money, from numerous donors.

I've softened my position on this significantly over the past week. I'm not happy about it, but I begrudgingly accept that it's a necessary part of doing business in politics.